what is it…..

Do you ever have the feeling that there is something deep and profound just waiting for you around the corner and all you have to do is go around that corner but you just realized you just ripped your pants practically wide open and now you have to go back home and change?


About redneckliber

I am finding joy in the journey of home schooling my 6 children. We have our faults and foibles just like everyone else, but we are trying to have a blast. I write about our life and whats on my mind. I hope you enjoy it.
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3 Responses to what is it…..

  1. Kathleen says:

    I can’t empathize with the ripped pants bit! 😀 But I have found that when I look for profoundness (profundity?)-or expect it–it’s not nearly as powerful as when it whacks me in the face and catches me by surprise.

  2. Mary Siever says:

    I find this happens after I have to go through a trial by fire. When I feel the answers are too hard to find, life is too painful to think about, is when the clarification comes and with it the love.

    So when I am going through that I just remember other times when something great has occurred after the long suffering and learning. The learning I childishly try to escape.

    Maybe something deep and enlightening is waiting around the corner now….hmmmm

  3. redneckliber says:

    Such wise words. Thank you both.

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