Elephants, Epiphanies, Education

To train elephants in India they start when they are young. They tie an Elephant to a tree with a chain. The young elephant tries and tries to get away but is not able to break the chain. They struggle and struggle to no avail. They soon learn they can not break the chain and there fore give up  the struggle. When they are older and much bigger the elephant feels something tied around his ankle and he will not struggle and believe they are stuck. An elephant trainer knows this and is then able to tie a full grown elephant to a tree with nothing but a rope. Even though its incredible strength would allow it to easily break the rope and be free. In their head they are bound, they are stuck and do not fight.

When I read this I was astounded. A huge creature such as an elephant being tied down by nothing but a rope! Astounding! The chain is not on his ankle but in his head. He is burdened by his thoughts. What an epiphany I had! What ropes am I tied to that I can easily break? What ropes are you tied to that you can easily brake?

Poverty, ignorance, mediocrity, are all ropes that can be broken. We need to be able to notice the rope that is holding us back and break it.


About redneckliber

I am finding joy in the journey of home schooling my 6 children. We have our faults and foibles just like everyone else, but we are trying to have a blast. I write about our life and whats on my mind. I hope you enjoy it.
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