Love, Life and Gratitude

It has been a long and fun week. Family came to visit for my beautiful cousins beautiful wedding. She moved to Australia to live with her new hubby. I hope to crash on her couch in the near future.

Lots of family lots of fun.

I have been making balms, salves, ointments, and lotion. I find it amazing how learning to make soap opened a door in my mind and I feel I can do so much now. Weeds that people hate and try to kill are plants that can heal. I find that amazing.

Take dandelions for instance, people hate them, I love them.

  They are said to be a great liver tonic, and diuretic. This spring I  picked a few in the mornings, leaves and stems, and put them in the blender with a bit of pineapple juice. I loved it. It tasted “green” but good. I would then have to go pee all day.

I have picked poplar buds

And infused them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and made a Balm of Gilead Salve.

Very soothing, very healing, very good for the Goliath mosquito bites we have been getting thanks to all the rain this spring. (I swear I saw them carrying off a calf)

I came up with something  I call Cam Balm.  I infused Lavender buds in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then in the same oil I infused dried Chamomile and peppermint. Then made a salve with the oil and added lavender and Ylang ylang Essential oils. I rub some on my forehead, temples and wrists when I feel anxious or upset. It works pretty good. Smells nice too.

I am learning that learning is good for the soul. It wakes up something inside of us and helps us feel more self reliant and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

It is a good path to be on and I am happy for it.


About redneckliber

I am finding joy in the journey of home schooling my 6 children. We have our faults and foibles just like everyone else, but we are trying to have a blast. I write about our life and whats on my mind. I hope you enjoy it.
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One Response to Love, Life and Gratitude

  1. Kat says:

    Dandelions are so abundant and so amazing in how they can heal the body it always surprises me when others as you said call them “weeds”. You can split the stems open and rub them on small cuts and also warts. As well, every year I would pick the yellow heads and cook them in pancakes for all my children. They were healthy and loved the bright yellow happy faces mom made for them ! Dandelion wine is also another favorite. 🙂

    Great article .. keep enjoying the journey.


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