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How to be absolutely and completely miserable

Step 1) Never ever exercise. Exercise releases those nasty endorphins.YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Step 2) Eat only Junk food. If you introduce even the slightest vegetable it may help you feel good, and we want to avoid that. So no vegetable … Continue reading

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Exchanging perfection for integrity.

I have decided to admit that I fight depression. I am embracing it whole heartedly, and I feel Ok about it. I have been trying this mind over matter thing and the choose to be happy routine and it works, a bit, … Continue reading

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My 100th Post / Soap-Lotion give away!!

I just passed my 100th post. I would like to give away a bar of Lavender soap and some Relaxing lotion. Just tell me a funny Mom story from your life in the comments and I will announce the winner … Continue reading

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Mid Week Gratitude: Health

Today I have a nasty and evil chest cold. It’s a bit hard to breath and I am tired. I am coughing like a veteran smoker. But I have the beauty deep sultry voice that comes with a chest cold. … Continue reading

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Tightwad Tuesday Tip: Joining The Poo Free Movement

“Hi my name  is Peggy.” “Hi Peggy” “I have been shampoo free for 6 months.” Applause I really have been I stopped using commercial shampoo on my hair when I started making my own soap. So I am still using … Continue reading

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Elusive Things you can never seem to find when you need one #3 The 1 Cup Measuring Cup

At our house we are on a fairly strict food budget. So that means when we have a treat we usually make it from scratch, unless of course it is a chocolate bar…….  I don’t do this for health reasons … Continue reading

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How to Bake Cookies in Your car on a hot day

I saw this post, and wanted to try it. we used the recipe on that site as well. If you want an eggless recipe try here. Another good site We made the dough. rolled it into a log and put … Continue reading

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