Big Family woes

My one problem with being the mother of a large family is that everything seems to happen at the same time.

Take for example the other night this all happened within 3 minutes I am not even joking.

Number 1 – on couch reading

Number 2 – baking cupcakes timer is beeping she needs help getting it out of the oven

Number 3 – Falls and hurts her knee and is now howling at the top of her lungs. (the wound did not justify the response)

Number 4 –  eyes are so swollen she can barely see (thank you hay fever) and walks into the corner bangs her mouth, it is bleeding

Number 5 – decides she is a monkey and climbs my desk to try to get something slips a bit and get a sliver in her foot. (my desk is made of wood….old wood)

Number 6 – has had an accident and can’t find a change of clothes so starts yelling “mommy…mommy….MOMMMY!” (OK he can shriek like the best of them when put to the test)

So there in is my life……..


About redneckliber

I am finding joy in the journey of home schooling my 6 children. We have our faults and foibles just like everyone else, but we are trying to have a blast. I write about our life and whats on my mind. I hope you enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Big Family woes

  1. Sally says:

    remember when your worse problem was passing math in grade 6? 🙂

  2. Mary S says:

    Oh the joys….

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