Elusive things we can’t find when we need one. #1 Pens

We’ve all been there. You are relaxing on the couch, just getting into a good book or a good t.v. show, when the phone rings. (Of course now you have to find the phone).

It turns out to be an important message for a person who is not home and you need to write down the call back number. No problem you just bought a box of pens and a nice pad of paper and they are on the kitchen counter waiting lovingly for you.

But when you get to the kitchen counter the pen jar is empty and and the pad of paper now has  many many beautiful pictures of brides, princesses and bikes all done in pen. So you are opening drawers and bags looking for that ever elusive pen.You finally stumble upon a sliver of crayon that will do. But now you need something to write on…..

It is amazing how pens can just up and disappear and you can never find one when you need it, but yet you trip on them when you don’t.


About redneckliber

I am finding joy in the journey of home schooling my 6 children. We have our faults and foibles just like everyone else, but we are trying to have a blast. I write about our life and whats on my mind. I hope you enjoy it.
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