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Public opinion

I really like quotes. I have re dedicated myself to read the classics, when I have time, so I picked up Walden. It has been 3 days but I have made it to page 20. I know but I honestly … Continue reading

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What is Liber? or why do we read?

In the Thomas Jefferson Education world the word Liber means to be educated, learned, and in the pursuit of truth. (Well that’s what I think it means). In ancient Greece there was a tree whose¬† bark could be ripped off … Continue reading

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To the Trenches and Back Again…Or… A Day in the Life of a Core Phase Mom

Last night you were up late planning how great your day was going to be. You had it all planned in your head. Breakfast was going to e served, kids dressed and hair done all before 8 am. Then a … Continue reading

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Interesting thoughts about nothing

I belong to a few Yahoo groups. They are nice and I learn a lot from them. On one of my Yahoo groups this story is posted on the home page and I love it. I read it all the … Continue reading

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A thought on Missions

Just a quick thought on missions. I believe everyone comes to earth to fulfill a mission, but as I have pondered this a bit more I have realized that the missions Dr. Demille names are just titles for serving and … Continue reading

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