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Motivation and Timing

I often wonder why I can’t have the same kind of motivation at 2pm that I have at 2 am? Advertisements

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Changes, Chances and Challenges

I have not posted for a while now and for that I do apologize. Flylady has gone out the window. I know, I really do try. I do however have a few really good habits from the experience and I … Continue reading

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And How are You?

I have sat down to write a few times today but have been side tracked each time. First it was “Ow THAT HURT….WAAAA!!!……MUUUUM!!!” Or “I had it first” “No I had it first” “Give it back” “I HAD IT FIRST!” … Continue reading

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Funny conversation overheard

The boy: Aunty, what’s this stuff on the wall? Auntie: It’s plaster. The boy: What’s plaster? Auntie: Go ask Grandad. The boy walks outside.  Grandad is sitting in a lawn chair under the walnut tree. The boy: Grandad, what’s plastered? … Continue reading

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How to be absolutely and completely miserable

Step 1) Never ever exercise. Exercise releases those nasty endorphins.YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Step 2) Eat only Junk food. If you introduce even the slightest vegetable it may help you feel good, and we want to avoid that. So no vegetable … Continue reading

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